GNLC Kashmira (GNLC Hightower x GNLC Gracie)

GNLC Kashmira  (GNLC  Hightower x GNLC Gracie) was 48″ at the withers at 18 months old and 80″ at the poll.  She is a gentle giant.  One day she will grow up but right now she thinks she is one of the cria.  Kashie looks kind of silly pronging with the babies but fun for us to watch.

Rose’s Black Cat (El Sombro X Dutch Flats Black Rose)

Dutch Flats Black Cat is from our “B” line, Black Rose and the “E” line sire El Sombro, now owned by Rick and Mary Adams.  Again, we got coverage, curl, luster and heavy wool.  El Sombro is a really special male and Black Cat is a special female.

Dutch Flats Black Iris (Catlow x Rose’s Black Cat)

Dutch Flats Black Iris has power house genes!  Her sire, Catlow, brings Falkon and Catalpa to the table with the “Black” line on her dams side.  El Sombro did a great job with this one. She is luxurious hair all the way from her ears to her toes.  Very sweet and straight to top it off.

Dutch Flats Black Rose (Woodsedge Cruise Along! X HRR Chilean Black Betty)

Dutch Flats Black Rose is a heavy wool suri with black shiny hair and coverage all the way to the ground. Her sire is Woodsedge Cruise Along and her dam is HRR Black Betty. Rose’s grandsire is Silverspirit , a well known sire from Kay Patterson’s farm. The other side is Kantu and that has turned out to be an interesting combination.  Best of all, Rose has a copious milk supply and is a great mom.

Goodluck Penny (GC’s Inca Legend X Good Lookin)

Good Luck Penny is BIG!  45.5” at the withers and suri.  Her sire is GC’s Inca Legend and her dam is Good Lookin (The Canadian ).  She has had some gorgeous babies in her breeding career.  2018 female cria Goodie2shoes is a keeper.

Dutch Flats Penny Lane (Woodsedge Cruise Along! X Zippe’s Silk Panda)

Dutch Flats Penny Lane is a prime example of Cruise Along’s influence in our program.  Penny is the dam of R and G Acres Obsidian, a multi time champion.  Her offspring are big in size and bone.  Her dam, Zippe’s Silk Panda ( White Oak Zipizape), was a farm favorite until she unexpectedly passed away several summers ago.

GNLC Speranza (Eskalero X GNLC Divina)

GNLC Speranza is the female above. Speranza is a result of breeding Eskalero X GNLC Divina .  Eskalero is “the last male offspring of the legendary grand dam, Eskadra”.  “ The E-line is unquestionably the finest dam line  ever in North America.  He is the maternal brother to the renowned herdsire, ETOL, Eskari and Espinara, the Grand National Champion in 2001” .  Eskalero is owned by Buck Hollow Llamas.  Divina is from GNLC Merlin X GNLC Silver Lining.

GNLC Tiara ( GNLC Merlin X Ollendick Farms Charrished Secret)

GNLC Tiara I like the way that Tiara’s long neck is so upright.  She is black and white, with high luster and a flat, spider web fleece that falls through your fingers.   Her sire is GNLC Merlin, a big guy,  and her dam is Ollendick Farms Charrished Secret (GNLC Caspian).  Tiara is currently at Steve and Sue Rolfings farm being bred by Renegade’s Vigilante for a 2019 cria.

GNLC Chimerie (GNLC Merlin X Wild West Charlie’s Angel)

GNLC Chimerie (GNLC Merlin X Wild West Charlie’s Angel)  is BIG!  Her dam Charlie’s Angel is a Silver Moon Jamali daughter and grand daughter of LAMS Nutcracker. Her sire, Merlin, is 49″ at the wither and 80″ at the poll.  This gal will be 2 this year and ready for breeding next year.  These bloodlines are incredible and we anticipate a wonderful baby.

PVL Labella (PVL Chilean White Magic X PVL Latoya)

PVL Labella has the most gorgeous fiber that I have ever seen and we have been in involved with llamas for many years. Her sire is PVL Chilean White Magic, a Chilean Aviator grandson. She is friendly and independent.

PVL Latoya (Andean Alfonso X PVL Layla)

PVL Latoya is a BIG, vivid black and white suri female. Her size and black and white color make her a stand out in the pasture. Latoya is the dam of Labella.

PVL Jacinda (Lock Ness X PVL Jasmine)

PVL Jacinda is our Lochness daughter. Her dam, Jasmine, has been a great producer for the Laux’s at Pleasure Valley Llamas. Love her color.

Sapaveco’s Robin (LAMS Nutcracker X LUA Iced Elegance)

Sapaveco’s Robin is a LAMS Nutcracker daughter and bred to GNLC Crocket due spring 2018. These bloodlines have produced outstanding cria for Mark Smith and we are hoping for the same. The female cria  (Dutch Flats Rica ) arrived and is spectacular! She will make and excellent show llama.  Robin is bred to GNLC Hightower for a 2019 spring cria.  Crocket and Hightower are full siblings, so it should be interesting to see the result !
*Robin received her ILR-UAP certificate 2015 Top ten award 3rd place in Halter Juvenile Female and Lifetime Certificate of Achievement ILR Show Division and UAP!

Dutch Flats Rica (GNLC Crocket x Sapaveco’s Robin)

Dutch Flats Rica is our GNLC Crocket (Merlin) daughter, with Robin, our LAMS Nutcracker daughter.  She is going to be big like her mom and dad.  She shines out in the pasture with her beautiful hair.

PVL Silver Scorpion Queen (PVL Chilean Scorpion King X PVL Britannia Silver)

PVL Silver Scorpion Queen.  Silver, shiny, upright, square are all words to describe Scorpion Queen. Her sire is large and a grandson of Aviator, who made his mark. Her dam is silver. she is young but we think our silver herdsire will be a good match down the road.

PVL Duplicat (Argentine Otono (ET) X PVL Duplicity)

PVL Duplicat is our half Argentine suri that we purchased at the Pleasure Valley retirement sale. She was only 6 months when we brought her home. The first thing you notice with Duplicat is the length and density of her suri fiber and the shine.

Dutch Flats Goodie2shoes (Woodsedge Cruise Along! x Good Luck Penny)

Dutch Flats Goodie2shoes is our last cria from Woodsedge Cruise Along!  before his passing in December 2018.  She looks a lot like her dam, Good Luck Penny, our big daughter of GC Inca Legend one of our favorite bloodlines..

Llama farm in Washington state.