FPL Santiago (GC’s Inca Legend x Sheez O’Kaye)

FPL Santiago is a son of GC’s Inca Legend, who has put his stamp on our industry for years to come.  He has sired numerous multi champions in ALL categories.  Santiago is a large male, measuring 47.25″ at the withers, with a gentle personality.  We will welcome him on the farm the first of June 2019.

Argentine PH Tucker (Argentine Zapata X Argentine Witiki)

Mr. Tucker is a wonderful addition to our herd with his full Argentine flair.  He adds color, hair distribution, curl, luster and personality.  He reminds us of a Gypsy Vanner horse with his flowing hair to his toes and black and white color.

GNLC Bellini (GNLC Hightower X GNLC Mags)

Bellini is our newest addition to the herd. His sire is GNLC Hightower, the great son of GNLC Merlin. GNLC Mags, his dam, is a cornerstone dam line in the Rolfing herd. His full sister GNLC Goosebumps is one of the most exotic llamas I have seen. He is true black with incredible luster. DOB: 6/21/2016
Bellini is co owned with Rita Zorrazua and Wayne Brokaw from B Bar Z Llamas.

AAL Blue Steel (Elwood Blues X AAL Lia Sophia)

Oh my! Blue Steel is a Large (45.5″ at about 2 years) gray male who will be a great combination with our large females. Blue Steel is co owned with Ryan Laux from Pleasure Valley Llamas.
*Blue Steel was awarded ILR-UAP 2016 Top Ten Award 9th place in Fleece-On with a Lifetime Achievement certificate in UAP and Fleece and Halter UAP and Show division.

Arg. Pascaul’s Jalapeno (Argentine Pascaul (ET) X Chilena Pinta Chica)

Argentine Pascauls’s Jalapeno is our gentle giant. Big everything ! Jalapeno is co owned with Wayne Brokaw and Rita Zorrozua from B bar Z Llama Farm.

Catlow (Falkon X Catalpa)

Catlow has very interesting bloodlines here.   Catlow was purchased at the last Kay Paterson sale with the intention of using him as a main herdsire.  That intention was not realized as his owner stopped breeding soon after, but this guy has potential for sure!  His sire is Falkon (Huaycho X Fanfarria) and dam is Catalpa (The Canandian X Catalina from Eclipse)  He is big!  Heavy wool with lustrous, curly hair.  Love these bloodlines!

Woodsedge Cruise Along! (Speedwell Cruiser GLE X Peruvian Miss Karlotta)

We purchased Cruise Along at Linda Berry-Walkers sale in New Jersey 10 years ago.  Cruise is a large suri, with big bone and extremely fine suri fiber. His hair doesn’t collect debris as it slips right out.   He is red but has had all colors of offspring.  Cruise always improves hair!  His sire is Speedwell Cruiser (Peruvian Secret Weapon X Silver Moon Afinity) and his dam is Peruvian Karlotta from Kantu.   Deceased JULY 2005- DECEMBER 2018

Llama farm in Washington state.